How to use Tag Rules in Creative Insights

Last Updated: 3/22/21

This article will give you a quick overview of how to use the Tag Rules feature in Creative Insights


1. In the Creative Insights tool, click on the "Create a new tag rule" button beneath all of the tags associated to your top or bottom performing ads.


2. A pane will open on the right side of the screen. If you do not have any tag rules currently set up, there will be a button to set up your first tag rule.

3. Click on "Add First Rule". This will open the tag rule configuration page. To create a new tag rule, do the following steps:

  1. In the "If" statement, click the dropdown menu to select with attribute you want to base your rule off of.
  2. In the text box, add the statement that is contained in the ads you want to tag.
  3. You can click the + sign to add more conditional statements
  4. Moving to the "Then" statement, start typing to select which tags you want to automatically be applied to the ad.
  5. Click "Create Rule" to save your rule.


Update (3/22/21): We've recently released the ability to use a "does not contain" when creating a tag rule. Here are the details:

  • Adds the ability to select "contains" or "does not contain" when creating a tag rule.
  • When using the "And" condition, the "contains/does not contain" field will always match that of the initial condition.



  • Will the rule run once I create a new Tag Rule?
    • Yes, rules will run upon creation for existing ads
  • How often do rules run?
    • Rules will run on a daily schedule for new ads
  • If I unapply a tag on an existing ad, will that rule re-run for that existing ad?
    • After a rule has been created, a rule with run on only new ads (i.e. re-running the rule after unapplying a tag that was previously applied by that rule does not reapply the tag)
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