Getting Started with Cohorts view in Creative Insights

Last Updated: December 28, 2020


Key Features of Creative Insights

As marketers ourselves, we understand the difficulties of determining what creative is working well and what we can iterate on to improve our ad performance. There are just so many different variables that can play into how an ad performs, so how do you know why an ad is truly working? Creative Insights is a tool that allows us to better understand exactly that.

Creative Insights is a visually rich tool that enables you to quickly and easily understand exactly what creative is working, and most importantly - why. This tool will help identify and reveal hidden patterns and trends in ad performance, making it possible to generate new ideas based on real data and allowing marketers to understand the impact of their creative decision making.


Key Features of Creative Insights

Single Metric Selection

Every business has different objectives, so being able to customize your experience based on the metric that matters most to you is key. With Creative Insights, simply select a single metric that you would like to sort and organize your ads by to define the “what” in “what’s working.”

The metrics that are offered within this list can be even more personalized and expanded through the Metrics tool. If you have access to this tool, you will be able to sort by any metric you have synced to the Jove platform.


Top and Bottom Cohorts

Creative Insights shows you your top and bottom ads based on the metric and percentiles you’ve selected so you can quickly scan and understand which ads are doing well, and which ones are, well, not doing so well. This allows you to go from analysis to iteration a lot quicker.

You can adjust how many ads are shown within this pane by using the “Show X” dropdown in the top righthand corner of the pane.



Highlighted Tags and Attributes

Tags and attributes help you understand the “why” in your top and bottom ads, and will enable you to easily identify creative trends within your ads, giving you a better sense of why your ads are doing well, or where they can use some serious improvement.

Creative Insights displays the various tags and attributes of the ads that fall into your top and bottom cohorts, along with the number of ads that share that tag/attribute.


Cohort Slider

Control what your business defines as top and bottom performers and hone in on the ads that you want to analyze with the histogram sliders, which each represent endpoints of a percentile range used to define your top and bottom cohorts.

It’s important to note that if you select a metric where lower is better (Cost-Per-Action for example), then the sliders will be flipped - for the top cohort, the lower end will represent your top ads and vice versa for the bottom cohort.


Ad Level Performance

As of right now, this version of Creative Insights will display each individual ads performance as its own tile. In the very near future, Creative Insights will be able to aggregate your data based on media and copy combinations. Get excited and stay tuned!

Each tile will show the media, copy, performance for the selected metric, and a percentage difference of how that ad stacks up to the account average. If you hover over a video ad, the video will automatically begin to play. For carousels, you can click the left and right arrows to see the various media within that carousel.


Selection Refinement

If you’d like to see a more refined view of your ads, you can use the “Refine Selection” tool to further trim down to your desired selection. There is a large variety of metrics and attributes to choose from, so here is a quick summary of the various options:

  • Ad Set Optimization Goal - The goal in which you have your ad set optimizing towards in the given ad platform i.e. Brand Awareness, Clicks, Conversions, etc.
  • Campaign Objective - The primary goal of your campaign
  • Creative Type - The kind of creative that any given ad falls under i.e. image, video, carousel, collection, etc.
  • Dynamic Assets - Assets utilized in dynamic creative such as Dynamic Product Ads or Dynamic Creative ads
  • Performance - Metrics associated to your ads performance that you can use to refine yourselection.
  • Placement-Customized Assets - Certain platforms allow you to adjust your creative based on its placement, such as Instagram Feed vs. Story. This selection allows you to refine based on what kind of asset these placement-customized ads are using.
  • Platform - The ad platform in which an ad is shown.


Chart View

Another view you can use to compare your ads is the Chart View. This view allows you to plot all of your selected ads on a chart with two different metrics on the x and y axis, enabling you to easily compare how your ads are performing relative to one another.



Update: Dec. 15, 2020

Saving Current View/Opening Previous View

You can save your current view, or open a previously saved view by clicking on the Screen_Shot_2020-12-15_at_10.35.16_AM.png button in the top right hand corner, then click "Save View" or "Open View".

Saving a few will allow you to input a name for your view.Screen_Shot_2020-12-15_at_10.36.53_AM.png

Opening a view will allow you to select which previously saved view you would like to open or delete one.

Sharing Your Current View

Creative Insights allows you to share your current view as via email, or as a link. To do this, simply click on the Screen_Shot_2020-12-15_at_10.29.01_AM.png button in the top right hand corner and add the invitee's email or click on the"Copy Link" button to copy a link to your clipboard. You can also select to save the current view.



Update: Dec. 23, 2020

Exporting Your Current View

You can export any view in Creative Insights to PNG. This can be done in the Grid and Scatterplot views, by clicking on the Screen_Shot_2021-03-25_at_2.16.08_PM.png button, and selecting "Download view as file".


You will then receive a notification that your file is being exported. 


The exported file will show in your Downloads in PNG format. 

Update: Mar. 25, 2021

Tag Rules

Creative Insights' Tag Rules enable you to automate the tagging of your media and copy through a simple if/then statement that you determine. To read more on Tag Rules, visit this article here: How to use Tag Rules in Creative Insights

Important note:

  • Rules run upon creation for existing ads
  • Rules run on a daily schedule for new ads
  • After a rule has been created, a rule with run on only new ads (i.e. re-running the rule after unapplying a tag that was previously applied by that rule does not reapply the tag)

Group By Tabs


There are now new tabs that you select to determine how your ads are grouped. 

  • Ad - This view shows you the individual ads that you ran.
  • Media + Copy: This view will group the ads that share the same combination of copy and media
  • Media: This view groups the ads that share the same media
  • Copy: Groups data that shares to same copy set




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