Common Keyword Errors & How to Handle


If you see this screen, don't panic! We're here to help.

Though we don't expect these to happen too often, here are a couple of the more common errors and their resolutions:

Campaign Already Exists

Common Causes: If you see this: "Trying to modify the name of an active or paused campaign, where the name is already assigned to another active or paused campaign," then your campaign shares the name of one that's already been published. You may have already generated these campaigns from Jove or created campaigns in Google Ads directly that share the name.

Resolution: Re-start your Keyword Configuration, and be sure to select unique names for your campaigns on step 3!


Keyword Policy Violation

Common Causes: If you receive an error related to a policy violation, you may have set off one of Google's automated flags for content. While, we won't be able to know why the keyword in question caused a violation, you can read more about possible reasons here.

Resolution: Jove allows users to download a CSV formatted in Google's Bulk upload format. You can modify the keyword before uploading or just try to upload it anyway and request re-approval manually.


"Null" Keyword

Common Causes: In very very rare cases, users may be able to generate a keyword that has no characters. For example, it might happen when using the escape character ">." 

Resolution: Good news! You can probably just ignore it. Especially in the case of using the escape character, there was never meant to be that blank keyword, nothing was published incorrectly. Carry on!


Other Keyword/Ad Group Errors

If you receive errors not listed here, Jove allows users to download a CSV of all the errors formatted in Google's Bulk upload format. You can modify the keyword, ad group, or campaign before uploading directly to Google.

You may also reach out to for further support.


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