Help! I can't find the metrics I want!

1. Don't panic!

If you can't find the metric you want because:

A. There's too many metrics in my selection menu in Insights or Budgets or Reports:

  1. Open Metrics from the main menu or the navigation bar.
  2. For all the metrics that you do not want to see in Insights or other tools, toggle the "Visibility" so it is set to gray.


B. You don't know what it's called:

The naming convention for each metric is standardized as follows, where words in brackets [] are replaced by the actual value:

    1.  For base metric:
      [Base Metric Name] - [Platform]
    2. For "revenue" metric:
      [Base Metric Name] Revenue - [Platform]
    3. For calculated metrics:
      [CPA/ROAS/CVR] - [Base Metric Name] - [Platform]
    4. Note: Base metric names come from the linked ad account.

To change the name of your metric as it appears in Insights or elsewhere,

  1. Open Metrics from the main menu or the navigation bar.
  2. Search for the Base Metric you want to change.
  3. Under "Display Name," click on the cell in the row you wish to change
  4. Type a new name
  5. Click the green Checkmark to save.


C. It doesn't yet exist in Jove:

Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact Jove Customer Success.


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