How Do I Add an Instant Experience?

Once you have understood how the Creative Generation Tool works, you can proceed to create an Instant Experience Ad. Here is how:

Note: Instant Experiences are only available within the Conversions(Image/Video/Carousel) and App Install campaign objectives.

  1. After selecting the “Single Image or Video” or “Carousel” option under Ad Format, click the “select” button under “Carousel Cards”
  2. Check the “Include Instant Experience” box. This will bring up a few options for various instant experiences you can create.
  3. Click on “open” to select which option you want to create. This will take you to an external window within the Facebook UI. Complete the process of creating the instant experience here.
  4. Once finished, the instant experience will be selected.
  5. Continue with the process of creating a Single Image/Video or Carousel ad above.


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