How Do I Generate a Carousel Ad(s)?

Once you have understood how the Creative Generation Tool works, you can proceed to create a Carousel Ad. Here is how:

  1. After selecting the “Carousel” option under Ad Format, click the “select” button under “Carousel Cards”
  2. Select all of the images/videos you would like to use for this carousel in order by which you would like them to show up.
  3. These images/videos will now show up with their own individual copy sets. Each card must have one headline and landing page. Descriptions are optional.
  4. Next, scroll down to the “Carousel Card Optimization” section and select the desired option. This will allow Facebook to automatically adjust the order of the cards based on performance data.
  5. Next, input the text that will show with the carousel
    1. To create multiple ads with copy variations, click the green “+” button to add another copy set.
  6. Select the desired call-to-action (CTA)button.
    1. To create multiple ads with CTA button variations, select multiple CTA options.
  7. The number of ads that will be generated can be previewed at the very bottom of the page as “Expected creatives”.
  8. Click “Generate” to generate all ad variations.


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