How Do I Use Grid View v Plot View?

Grid View

Grid View is Insights' default view. This view is best for gaining a quick understanding of creative performance rank (i.e top v bottom performers) by applying relevant filters and sorts. You can easily spot impactful design trends by simultaneously viewing hard performance data alongside the full, interactive creative.

Plot View

Our Plot View enables users to quickly compare tile performance. Tiles are plotted on a chart witThat plot view includes average performance metric lines that intelligently quadrant performance out and categorize tiles into

  • Roll Over Tiles
    • We understand that seeing creative design is still important in this plot view.
    • Rolling your cursor over a plotted tile triggers an expanded view of that tile.
  • Axis Metrics
    • You can plot tile performance by our four KPIs: spend, revenue, CPA and ROAS.
    • You can adjust each axis to plot against a combination of metrics that are most important to you.
  • Metric Averages
    • Average lines are displayed within the plot view enabling a quick assessment of tile performance.
    • As you change your axis metric, averages are recalculated and average lines are displayed accordingly.


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