How Do I Add Data?

How Do I Add Data?

  1. Navigate to “Add Data” at the top right corner of the Budgets home pageimage.png
  2. Input a Budget Item, depending on the initial selection when creating the budget, this could be:
    • Platform Channel (Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Display, Bing Search, ...)
    •  Channel (Search, Shopping, Display, Social)
    •  Platform (Google, Bing, Facebook)
    •  Campaign Type (Prospecting, Remarking, Retargeting, Testing)
    •  Custom Tag GroupsScreen_Shot_2020-08-31_at_3.41.22_PM.png
  3. Input the date (or date range) for which the data must be addedScreen_Shot_2020-08-31_at_3.41.48_PM.png
  4. Input the information Spend allotted to those dates, as well as the KPI Amount. This will allow Budgets to calculate the KPI allotted to those days and merge it with the current data.Screen_Shot_2020-08-31_at_3.42.24_PM.png
  5. Save and Refresh the page to see the changes applied.


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