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Reports is an extremely powerful tool that combines internal and external data sources to provide quick and easy access to your marketing data. With this tool, you will be able to quickly create fully customizable dashboards, charts, and tables all through a simple and intuitive interface, providing you the insights you need to make data-driven marketing decisions.

Key Concepts

Reports - Reports are the fundamental building blocks of Reports. These “documents” organize your data and present it as a customizable chart or a table. Think of these as the files you put within a folder.

Dashboard - A Dashboard is simply a collection of reports. When opened, a Dashboard will display all of the associated Reports within it. From here, you can add, remove, and edit those reports. Think of this as the folder in which the reports are placed within.

Data Source - a Data Source is a digital location in which information is stored and drawn from. Reports data sources will contain a set of Metrics, Dimensions, Filters and other options associated with a certain subject. For example, a daily ad-level performance data source will contain all data, metrics, dimensions, and filters associated with, well, daily ad performance.

Key Components

Reports Home Page - Here you will find a list of all the dashboards you have created. From this page, you can do the following:
1a. Add a new dashboard
1b. Re-order the reports within a dashboard
1c. Delete a dashboard


Dashboard Page - When opened, the Dashboard page will display all of the associated Reports within it. From here, you can:
2a. Edit a dashboard
2b. Delete a dashboard
2c. Add a new report
2d. Clone a report
2e. Edit a report
2f. Delete a report
2g. Open pane to switch dashboard


Report Configurator - This window consists of three different tabs, all of which dictate the final output of your report. Being one of the most important aspects of Reports, here is a breakdown of all its various components:

 Properties Tab
 3a. Report Title  The title for the report you are currently building
 3b. Data Source  The data source you will be selecting your various metrics, dimensions, and filters from.
 3c. Metrics  The numerical data you can select to explore. The data source you select will determine what metrics are available. These are automatically calculated based on the marketing channel data.
 3d. Dimensions  The fields your numerical data can be grouped be. The data source you select will determine what dimensions are available.
 Filters Tab
 3e. Criteria Filters  Criteria in which to restrict your data by. Types of filters include fixed or dynamic date ranges, metric filters, tags, dimensions, and more.

 Fixed Date - Select a specific start and end date to restrict your data by.

 Dynamic Date - Set parameters for a specific lookback window e.g. "4 weeks ago to 1 week ago"

 Tag Filters - Restrict data based on tags you have set up within your account.

 Metric Filters - Restrict data based on specific metric values

 Dimension Filters - Restrict data based on specific dimensions
 Visualizations Tab
 3f. Break Out Options  Visualize data broken out as a Timeseries or by Category

 Selecting Timeseries will show your data over a selected period of time in a specified time interval

 Selecting Category will show data broken out by the categories within the previously selected dimensions
 3g. Display Options  Visualize data as a Table and/or a Chart
 3h. Chart Configuration

 If you have chosen to display a chart, this section allows you to configure how it is rendered, such as which Metrics are displayed, whether displayed and lines or columns, and their colors.




Available Data Sources

Here is a list of the available data sources for use in Reports. Click on the data source to view a list of its contained fields and definitions.

  1. Daily Ad-Level Performance - This data source provides reporting down to the ad level, with granularity down to individual days in which an ad was live.


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