How Do I Adjust My Daily Budgets?

How Do I Adjust My Daily Budgets?

  1. Navigate to the Daily Pacing Chart
  2. Select Adjust Daily Budget
  3. Select the Budget Item for which the daily budget must be adjusted
    • Budget Item is defined as an item from the budget structure chosen
  4. Choose the date for which the budget must be adjusted
  5. Input the adjusted budget value
    • This value is the total budget needing to be allotted to the specific day chosenScreen_Shot_2020-09-14_at_7.43.59_AM.png
  6. The modified day will appear as a black line for visibility, on the pacing chart
    • On hover, the description and the change will appear as wellScreen_Shot_2020-09-14_at_7.44.07_AM.png


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