Marketing Concepts Glossary

Impressions - Number of views on an ad

Clicks - Number of clicks, including those associated with user engagement, on an ad.

Link Clicks - Number of clicks on an ad resulting in landing on site

Conversions - Number of non-unique events for the given conversion event.

Cost - Spend associated to marketing efforts

Revenue - Monetary value generated through the sale of goods and services.

High Frequency Conversion (HFC) - Conversion event that is the precursor to the Low Frequency Conversion event.

Low Frequency Conversion (LFC) - Key conversion event in which you are optimizing towards.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) - Cost to acquire a user [CPA = Cost/Conversions]

Click Through Rate (CTR) - The rate in which users are clicking on an ad. Typically an indicator of how an ad is resonating with an audience. [CTR = Clicks/Impressions]

Conversion Rate (CVR) - The rate in which users are converting after clicking through to a website. [CVR = Conversion/Clicks]

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) - The amount of revenue received per dollar spent on advertising, typically notated as a multiplier. [ROAS = Revenue/Cost]

Cost per Mille (CPM) - The cost for every 1,000 impressions. [CPM = Spend/(Impressions/1,000)]

Cost per Click (CPC) - Allows to measure the cost of a click [CPC = Cost / Click]

Expected Conversion Rate (eCVR) - Rate at which a user who clicks on a search ad is expected to take the desired conversion action(s)

Target Cost per Acquisition (tCPA) - User-defined variable, which serves as an efficiency goal for the bidding algorithm

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