How Do I Generate My Creatives?


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The Creative Generation tool allows you to quickly generate one or more ad variant(s) using a combination of creative variables such as copy, media, landing pages, and more. This will result in time saved when creating multiple ad variations allowing for quick and agile creative testing.

Key Components

Creative Information- General information/attributes of the creative, and what type of creative you will be generating.


Ad Format- Various ad type options available to generate. This is dynamically updated based on the Campaign Objective you selected above.


Creative Details- Main creative attributes that will be used to create the ad unit.



Support Summary

Below is a list of campaign objectives and ad formats that are currently supported within the Creative Generation tool.

Campaign Objective is the goal you set for your campaign that you are looking to achieve with the creative.

Ad Format is the type of ad that you are looking to create.

 Campaign Objective   Conversions
 Product Catalog Sales 
 Lead Generation
 App Installs
 Page Likes
 Brand Awareness
 Video Views
 Store Traffic
 Ad Format  Standard Image
 Standard Video
 Standard Carousel
 Stories Carousel
 Page Posts
 Instant Experiences
 Dynamic Creatives
 Customized Assets, by Placement 
 Offer Ad
 Map Card Carousel


Ad Variation Feature Diagram

Below is an example of how the Ad Variation feature works within the Creative Generation tool. As you can see, the following example will result in two total ads.




  1. Before generating a creative, make sure you have the necessary media asset files uploaded in the platform. To do this, on the sidebar, navigate to Ads > Images or Ads > Video. To learn more about asset management, read this article here.
  2. Next, from Publisher, use the sidebar on the left to navigate to Ads > Create Creatives.
  3. Start off by giving your ad a name. We suggest following a structured naming convention that will allow for easy identification and analysis after the ad has gone live.
  4. Apply any appropriate tags to your ad. 
  5. Note that the naming and tagging steps are optional and do not have to be completed before moving on. You can always leave them blank for now and move on with creating the ad first.
  6. Select your Type of creative you are looking to generate. Ad Creatives will be used only for advertising purposes, while Page Post can be published to your FB page as either a public post or dark post.
  7. Now select the Campaign Objective for which you are making this ad creative for. For example, if you are looking to publish the newly generated ads to a conversion focused campaign, select the “Conversions” objective here. This will determine which ad formats are available to be created for the given campaign objective.
  8. Select the corresponding Facebook and Instagram pages you want this creative to be associated with.
  9. Select which Ad Format you would like to generate. These options will be dynamically updated based on the campaign objective you’ve chosen in step 6.
  10. After this, you can generate a single image or video ad, a carousel ad, or an instant experience


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