How Do I Create & Ingest Campaigns?


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The campaign creation & ingestion tool allows you to build new campaigns, as well as link current/old campaigns to the Jove platform. Creating and ingesting campaigns in the NE platform will ensure you are able to utilize the available Jove tools to manage and analyze your campaigns.

Key Components

Campaign Name- This is the name you want to give your campaign. This will show up in the NE platform, as well as in FB Ads Manager.

Special Category- These are special categories for which audience selection tools are limited to help protect people on Facebook.

Campaign Objective- This is the goal for which you are making this campaign.

Campaign Budget Optimization- This will enable the setting to control budgets at the campaign level vs. the ad set level.

Campaign Bid Type- When using Campaign Budget Optimization, this will set all ad sets to the selected Campaign Bid Type, as this is a FB requirement.

Type- Select whether this campaign is for prospecting or retargeting purposes.

Support Summary

 Create New Campaign  Conversions
 Product Catalog Sales
 Lead Generation
 App Installs
 Page Likes (beta)
 Brand Awareness
 Video Views 
 Store Traffic
 Associate Existing Campaign   Conversions
 Product Catalog Sales
 Lead Generation
 App Installs
 Page Likes (beta)

 Brand Awareness
 Video Views
 Store Traffic

*These campaign objectives can be ingested, but attempting to publish ads built within the Jove platform will not function properly.


How to Create a New Campaign


  1. Within the Facebook module, navigate to the top right corner and click the “Create Campaign” button. This button can be accessed from a majority of pages within the Facebook module.
  2. Enter the desired name for the campaign.
  3. If your account falls under any of the given categories, select that category. If not, leave this as “none”.
  4. Select your desired campaign objective.
  5. Select whether you are creating a Prospecting or Retargeting campaign.
  6. Click “Add Campaign” button.

How to Associate/Ingest an Existing Campaign


  1. First, we will need to get the campaign ID or the campaign you are trying to associate within the Jove platform.
    1. To do this, navigate to your Facebook Ads Manager account.
    2. Select the desired campaign and click the “Edit” button.
    3. In the top right corner of the campaign details panel, click on the three-dot button.
    4. The campaign ID will be at the bottom of that drop down.
    5. Click “copy”.
  2. Now navigate back to the Jove Facebook module, then click the “Create Campaign” button in the top right corner. This button can be accessed from a majority of pages within the Facebook module.
  3. Click the “Associate Existing Campaign” tab within this modal.
  4. Paste the campaign ID that was copied from Facebook Ads Manager.
  5. Finally, click the “Add Campaign” button.


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