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      1. Linked Accounts - Admin Only
      2. Google Ads/Bing Budgets & Bidding
      3. Geo-Targeting Whitelist
      4. Advanced Settings 
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The General Settings page will allow users to change settings on Linked Accounts, Notifications & Report Settings, AdWords/Bing Budgets and Bids, Geo-Targeting Whitelist, and Advanced Settings. These settings are typically done at the very begging of an account set up.

Key Components

To access General Settings, navigate to the top right side of the main navigation bar, and click on the Settings wheel to dropdown. The first selection will be General Settings.


Linked Accounts - ADMIN ONLY

This section allows users to link an ad account to the Jove Platform. To do so, dropdown on “Select a Channel” and select which type of account you would like to add.


After selecting the channel you would like to link, add your customer ID for that account. Once your customer ID has been added, click +Add.


Google Ads/Bing Budgets & Bidding

For information on this section, please visit our article on Bidding.

Geo-Targeting Whitelist

A geo-targeting whitelist must be set for every account to tell the Jove Platform in which geographies your campaigns should be running. Even by setting a geo-targeting whitelist, Locations Criterias need to be applied to all Search, Shopping and Display campaigns, as well as Facebook ad sets. For more information, visit our article on Location Criterias.
If campaign location criteria doesn't fall within the whitelist you have set, Jove will block the campaign from publishing. Your location can be broad, for example, United States, as opposed to naming the cities you are targeting.


To apply a location, type the location into the search bar and select the location. The location will get added to the user’s account.
To remove the location from an account, click the X button to the right of the location.


Advanced Settings

Settings your Advanced Settings is important, since this is in effect on the Jove Platform, across all channels.


 Advanced Setting  Common Action  Description
 Account Enabled  Set to Yes when account is ready to be enabled  If set to Yes, this account will be live and managed by Jove, including automation and reporting. Generally, this is only enabled after account set up is complete.
 Keep "Jove" in   UTM strings  Set to No for confidentiality  If set to Yes, Jove, plus several variants, will automatically be added to all UTM strings
 Disable Automated   Bidding  Set to No  If set to Yes, Jove's automated bidding will be disabled for this account
 Disable Zero Impression Bidding  Set to No  If set to yes, bidding will not increase the bids of keywords without many impressions. This is normally done to make sure keywords get a chance to serve.
 Max Click Threshold  Left Empty to utilize default value of 125  This value represents the threshold of conversions you want to receive on a keyword before Jove makes a bidding decision. If this threshold isn't met, Jove will aggregate data at the next bidding level up (e.g. ad group level, bid group level or campaign level) that has reached the threshold. If left unset, Jove will default to a threshold of 125.
 Click Threshold Multiplier  Left Empty to utilize default value of 1  This value represents a multiple of the Max Click Threshold (i.e. the expected clicks for one conversion), which defines the number of clicks the engine needs to collect before making automated bidding decisions. If set to 1.0, the bidding engine will make decisions when actual clicks exceed the Max Click Threshold. If set to 2.0, the bidding engine will make decisions when actual clicks exceed 2x the Max Click Threshold, and so on.
 Weeks Back Cap  Left Empty to utilize default value of 26  This value represents the number of weeks of past data Jove will consider before aggregating data at the next bidding level up before making a bidding decision. The default value is 26.
 Allow Jove to Manage Spend Caps  Set to Yes after account setup is complete  If set to Yes, this account is live and managed by Jove, and will have automation and reporting enabled. This is generally only enabled after account setup is complete.
 Dynamic Cpa
 HFC Conversion Threshold  Left Empty to utilize default of 50  The minimum number of high frequency conversions (HFCs) that must occur per campaign before dynamically establishing a target HFC for optimization. This is important only if you are optimizing to an HFC versus a low frequency conversion (LFC). The default value is 50.
 HFC Conversion Minimum Days of Data  Left Empty to utilize default of 28  The minimum number of days before Jove will begin dynamically calculating a target HFC conversion for optimization. If the HFC threshold isn't met, the engine will keep pulling 7-10 day increments until the threshold is met. If the threshold is never met, the engine will use the target HFC CPA input by the user. The default value is 28.

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