Connect Your Microsoft Ads Account

The following article walks you through how to connect a Microsoft Ads account.


1. From the Jove homepage, click on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner, then select the Connect Ad Account option.


2. Now, click on the button labeled Connect Your Microsoft Ads Account.


3. Open and sign into your Microsoft Ads account in a separate window or (if you don't have Adblock turned on) launch Microsoft Ads here.
4. Select the ad account you want to connect in the account dropdown (ensure you are not within your Manager Account). Then, navigate to Tools > Preferences > Account Settings to locate your Account ID.
Note: For the following steps, you must be an account administrator to complete this process. If you are not an administrator for this Microsoft account, please contact someone in your organization who is an admin and can complete these steps on your behalf.
5. In Microsoft Ads, navigate to Tools > Accounts > Accounts Summary > Requests.
6. You should see a request from New Engen (a Jove affiliate). Select the check box and click Accept Request.
7. Confirm the access level in the subsequent popup by clicking Approve.
You're all set! After the access request has been accepted, it will take approximately 24 hours for your data to sync.

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