"Media Unavailable or May Not Exist": Common Reasons

If you've seen the image below while exploring Creative Insights by Jove, there are likely a few common scenarios, which will be explained in this article. Still confused? Reach out to customersuccess@byjove.com or create a support request and we'll be sure to work with you to ensure your data looks right.



1. User has granted Jove Incorrect Permissions - During the Facebook Account linking process, if the user has removed certain permissions, then it may affect our ability to fetch media assets (images/videos) for Creative Insights.

For example, the user granted read-only permissions to a Facebook page. Note for Creative Insights-only users, we will never publish or edit ads on your behalf, but the permissions level Jove requires may say that you grant us access to do so.


2. User who linked Facebook account does not have the correct permissions - If the user who signed up for Jove and linked their Facebook account does not have the correct permissions to necessary media assets, we may show the "Unavailable" image. 

For example, your brand may work with Influencer's pages, and if the image in the ad is owned by the Influencer's page, the user who connected may not have permissions to pass on to Jove.


3. Unconventional Ad Types - Some formats of ads may not have an image or video asset.

For example, certain ads that can be run via Google Display or LinkedIn may be text only.


4. Not-yet-supported Ad Formats - We're always working to support as many ad formats as possible, but new ad formats are often made available to the Ads platform before they are accessible via API.

For example, Facebook may release a new ad format and the Jove team is waiting on API documentation to surface the media asset properly.


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