What's New in Scatterplot! (May 2021)

One of our most powerful views, Creative Insights' Scatterplot enables marketers to rapidly identify the visual or thematic characteristics that drive creative performance across 2 dimensions!

Each item on the scatterplot can represent an ad, a combination of media asset and copy, or media and copy assets separately. Users will find they can spot clusters of performance with easy-to-see themes. For illustration, a question this tool may help answer is "Which of my ads drive the best balance of volume (spend or conversions) and efficiency(CPA/ROAS)?"

*But that's not all* (in Billy Mays' voice)

We've enriched the Scatterplot interface to bring you:

  • Collections!
    • Collection allow you to add multiple scatterplots in a single dashboard view. Maybe you want to see one chart showing CPA vs. ROAS and another with CTR vs. CVR. Maybe you need a companion view to your Leaderboards. The possibilities are endless (almost).
  • Box & Lasso(!) Cluster Analysis
    • See a cluster of ads you want to know more about? Just select them! It's as simple as drawing a box (or whatever shape you need) around the plot points. We'll tell you what traits and tags are most prevalent in your cluster (and even let you compare 2 different groups.
  • FULL Zoom + Axis Control!
    • Be as precise as you need to be. Zoom in and out to highlight differences in performance at any scale
    • Don't want your axis to start at the origin? Click and drag to move to where it needs to be. 
  • Tile Aggregation
    • Ad-level analysis is greatbut it's that much more valuable when you can visualize the difference in performance between images, videos, and copy across multiple ad sets and campaigns.

General Components

Collection - The container that holds one or more scatterplots. 

Scatterplot - The visualized chart(s)

Configurator - Allows you to control how your tiles/plot points are visualizedScreen_Shot_2021-04-02_at_9.31.44_PM.png

Filters & Filter Search - Allows you to search and apply filters from tags, attributes, copy, and other attributes.

Actions Menu - This menu can be used to share, save, download, and open a Creative Insights view.



Scatterplot Components

Axes - Select the metric to be displayed on each axis, and click and drag the axis to adjust the origin.

Box Select - Select multiple plot points for analysis with a simple box

Lasso Select - Select multiple plot points for analysis by drawing a border around the points

Zoom/Pan/Auto-scale - Zoom/Pan to the clusters you care about most. Auto-scale to show all ads.

Compare Toggle - Enables selection of multiple groups of ads for tag analysis. Toggling off will allow you to select one group of ads.

Tag Dialog - Shows which tags are associated with the selected ads


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